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About Us & Milestones

Our Story

Before becoming incorporated, Calleya had a residents group called The Calleya culture club, with meetings ran by a small group of people who live in Calleya south.  Stockland then wanted to start the wheels of the community garden and for Calleya to receive this Wonderful gift and monetary donations the group needed to be an incorporated body, so in April 2017 a meeting was held inviting all residents to the sales office, offering opportunities in helping with the garden. To create an incorporated body 10 community members are require to hold office bearers Positions and just be members, they needed to be keen to be involved in the community.  The Treeby Community Association (TCA) was formed and became incorporated in November 2017.

Our mission is to connect the community, develop community safety & events and Manage the community garden with this to benefit of all of the residents in Treeby. We work closely with local government and Stockland Calleya in order to create community initiatives, host These events and keep residents informed of local matters.



  • We have successfully campaigned to Main Roads to have full access at Ghostgum Avenue.
  • Help identify 4WD vehicles damaging forever bushland at the entrance of Ghostgum which the police charged the owner and we hope to eliminate all illegal 4WD activity on the estate
  • Established a Free community library at Mooba cafe.
  • Clean up of rubbish along Solomon road.
  • Erection of a sign on Jandakot Road to better display the layout of the intersection for safer roads.
  • We have an annual community Halloween trail.
  • Bimonthly BBQ at various parks on the estate.
  • Temporary footpath from Ghostgum to Tapper until Armadale road is fully upgraded - completed January 2019.
  • We finally got the hand over of the community garden in December of 2019
  • on requesting better lighting we wanted road markings at dollier and Solomon road - this road markings were completed January 2020


Projects were working on 

  • We would like to erect "Remember 50" in built up areas at all entrances to the estate.
  • We would like better lighting at Dollier road before the Solomon road upgrade takes place - March to December 2019 during stage 1 Solomon road upgrade
  • We would like a bus route to the estate before the shops arrive - shopping infrastructure to be in place by end 2019 bus route not being implemented until stage 2 of Jandakot road upgrade.
  • in conjunction with the city of Cockburn you can get free reflective numbers for your verge please email