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If you see trash along your road or in your neighborhood, please take the time to pick it up and throw it away 🚮.  If you are at the park, please use the public bins for your trash, cigarette butts, and finished cans/bottles.

Please be considerate of others who also might be walking where you have walked by disposing of your dog waste💩.  Doggie bags are available in the yellow tubes located throughout the estate. If the doggie bags run out, please report it to Cockburn council

If every person just took a few minutes each week to dispose of trash, we could easily keep our community beautiful ✨!  Thank you for your time and contribution! 😍


Upcoming Bulk-Waste Verge Collection (30th March 2020) ♻️

Cockburn residents receive two bulk waste and bulk garden organics verge collections a year.

Placing your waste on the verge 🗑️

Following are rules and guidelines for placing your waste out for verge collection:

  • Place waste on the verge by 6am no more than three (3) days prior to scheduled verge collection date
  • Place waste approximately 1 metre back from the kerb
  • Ensure you have not obstructed footpaths and driveways
  • If you have synthetic turf, contact us to arrange an alternative collection point
  • Ensure a maximum of approximately two trailer loads (or 2m3) of waste
  • Ensure the City’s pickup vehicle is not obstructed by trees, sprinklers or vehicles
  • Allow 5-7 working days from your scheduled verge collection date for waste to be collected
  • If combining waste with neighbours, contact us prior to scheduled verge collection date.

Important note: placing waste on the verge more than three days prior to the schedule verge collection, or after, may incur a $200 litter infringement notice.

We are Area 10, so the pickup date is 30th March

For more information please visit the City of Cockburn Verge Collection website. If you got any questions you canemail them or call 08 9411 3444.

As part of the conditions of the development of the Calleya Estate in Treeby, approximately 800 metres of Solomon Road from Jandakot to Dollier Street will be upgraded to a higher standard. To allow completion of the works in the shortest possible time, this section of Solomon Road will be closed in from 23 March 2020 (weather permitting) for approximately three to four months.

Access provisions will be in place for Solomon Read residents.

More information