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Community Garden

On the 6th December 2019 Stockland handed over the garden ownership to Treeby Community Association.

This is a milestone event in the city of Cockburn as we are the first community garden like this here in the city.

The contract of operation is a milestone achievement and will ensure the correct running of the garden and the conditions of engagement between the Treeby Community Association and the City of Cockburn.

We have been very fortunate to receive support from Stockland, Bunnings, the City of Cockburn and the State Government to build the garden structures and buy equipment.

We currently have 9 garden beds in operation and various trees and plants in the surrounding area being tended to by members of the TCA, please email below for information on how to get involved.

Garden Bed 1 - Kristine

Garden Bed 2 - Brian

Garden Bed 3 - Helen

Garden Bed 4 - Louisa

Garden Bed 5 - Cathrine

Garden Bed 6 - Rupa and Neelu

Garden Bed 7 - Uvana

Garden Bed 8 - Christopher and Kai

Garden Bed 9 - TCA tended

Any questions or suggestions please email!