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We have been listening to many members' feedback regarding our TCA sign-up process. In the last couple of years, a few families had trouble signing up with WordPress accounts and our local payment system. We are really sorry about that 😥!

Last year 2022 we rolled out a new online registration system using Google Forms and using Paypal as the straight-forward payment system. It is easy to use and as long as you have access to the internet, you can finish it in around 2-minutes. 😄

What do we have in store for you?

This year TCA has been busy serving our community in Treeby. We already organised the Australia Day breakfast, family movie nights, busy bees for the community gardens and much more.

The year is not over yet, we still have a lot to offer! 🥳

By joining TCA, you can get access to these events for free and get the latest update on our community news and more! 

Please join our Facebook Group Treeby Community Association to get the latest updates.

Since the opening of our Treeby Community and Sports Centre, TCA has been running weekly wellness programs. Including, yoga, Latin dance, playgroup, board games etc.

Here is a snippet of what we are offering in the next quarter of 2023. Keep in mind that TCA members can enjoy these programs for free, otherwise, there is a small fee for these events.

Events for the remaining of the year 2023 will be posted at the end of September. For more information, check our FB page.

Membership Fee (1st July 2023 to 30 June 2024)

We have also simplified the payment for families and individuals. You can pay via EFT or Paypal.

$10.00    per person, or
$20.00   per household, or
$5.00     associate member per financial year (1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023)

Can be paid by EFT to the TCA bank account:
BSB: 633 000
Account No: 161 885 520

or Credit Card/PAYPAL available

Please put down the reference as your "surname + mobile".


You can sign up for Treeby Community Association 2023-2024 by clicking here or by copying and pasting the link below

We also have a QR Code that takes you to the same TCA registration form

If you want to register the old-school way, we can help you with that too. Please contact for the paper form.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with this new registration process.

Thank you for joining the TCA family 💖 Looking forward to seeing you around!

Just a heads up that our very own Treeby Community Playgroup for under 5s is now officially opened. There are two timeslots at the moment to gauge interest in the community. So please come and support this great initiative if you can!


  • Wednesday     12pm - 2pm
  • Friday               9:30am - 11:30am


          Treeby Community and Sports Centre


Playgroup is a chance for parents, carers, and their children, aged 0-5 years, to come together, socialize, develop, have fun and make lifelong friends.

Community playgroups are volunteer-led and benefit from the diversity a community draws together.

Treeby Community Playgroup is a new playgroup starting on Friday 5th August 2022 with the support of Playgroup WA and the City of Cockburn.

Please come, bring your little one and join us this Wednesday and/or Friday!


Playgroup WA is organising an Open Play Morning for residents in Treeby!

Come and check out the new community centre and the well-curated toys Playgroup WA had purchased for Treeby Playgroup.

This is an opportunity to see the new community centre and meet the Playgroup Development Officer.
Friday 29th July 2022
At the Treeby Community and Sport Centre
This is a free event and small morning tea will be provided for adults and children.
See you there ☺️


Our City of Cockburn is organising a free "Family Fun Day in Treeby" to celebrate National Family Week. There will be entertainment and food available for everyone.
It is on 19th May 2022 (Thursday), from 9:30--11:30 am at Cilantro Park.
During the session, the organiser will announce the new Treeby Playgroup that will be run in our newly built Community Centre in semester 2.
Please mark it in your calendar and see you there~ ☺️

An artist's impression of Treeby IGA.

We are excited to share the news that Calleyans will have an IGA supermarket, medical centre and pharmacy coming to their suburb in late 2022.

The second stage of Stockland’s Calleya town centre development, which already has a Nido Early School and Mooba Cafe, will include add a few more essential shops into the community.

Construction will start this April 2022 and is expected to be completed in late 2022. 🥂

Along with the just completed Treeby Primary School 🏫 and almost completed Calleya Community Centre, there will be a lot of reasons to celebrate for residents in Calleya.

Stockland WA residential general manager Col Dutton said they aimed to further improve the amenity available for the community. 🏠


<Statistic of the Day>

By the end of 2022, Calleya will be home up to 6000 residents and provide a total of 2030 homes, including medium density and age-exclusive homes.  😲

Thank you to everyone who came to our TCA AGM this morning outside Mooba Cafe!
Great to see many new faces and appreciate the support.
Over twenty people attended and almost all of the committee positions were filled.  We also signed up six new members.  
Simone Seiber from the City of Cockburn did a great job as our returning officer and then shouted everyone coffee and cake from Mooba Cafe.  Thank you so much Simone.
The committee for 2021/22 are
President Lani Slaughter
Vice President  Chris Boyce
Secretary Tom Bielski
Treasurer Helen Miskell
Social Media Officer Kevin Chu
Neighbourhood Watch Representative Shaun Kader
Community Garden Representative
Kristine Tetlaw
Events Coordinator Karen Diaz
Membership Officer Thushani Adhukorala
Grant Officer <open>
The Grants Officer position remains vacant. If anyone is interested or would like more information about this position please let us know.
If you like to help out in TCA, please reach out to any of the friendly TCA team or email
Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve the community and look forward to seeing everyone at our next event 🙌

Fremantle MP Josh Wilson (foreground) with Treeby residents Kathy Pritchard (bottom), Lani Slaughter (middle) and Christopher Boyce (top) at the telco tower near Amethyst and Platinum Streets.

All the residents in Calleya, Treeby knows the nightmare of having adequate movile signals. Sometimes we need to walk out to our front door just to get one bar! TCA has been working tirelessly with the Cockburn council and local telcos to get this rectified for over 2+ years and this is still on the agenda for most meetings.

Here I would like to provide some update on the enquiries that our MP Josh Wilson has came back to us regarding the mobile signals.

Following enquiries with Telstra concerning a suitable mobile tower site in Treeby, Josh has received a response advising that a preferred location has been identified and Telstra is currently preparing the necessary documentation and working through the Council application process. They have advised that the process will take some time to progress but the details and location will be released for community consultation in the next step. Please keep an eye out in local newspapers for advertisements for when the consultation process opens and closes. Josh has asked Telstra to also keep us informed of these dates. This is good news that there is progress with a real solution for mobile phone coverage for Treeby residents.

There was also a reply to Josh from MP Paul Fletcher, Minister for Communications

While Josh appreciates the Minister’s office referring the concerns of Treeby residents to Mobile Network Operators and asking for assistance in investing in further mobile infrastructure in Treeby, we find suggestions from the Minister such as purchasing smart antennas and calling using Wifi impractical solutions, particularly for elderly residents. It is also disappointing to read that Treeby is ineligible to receive funding from the Morrison government’s Mobile Black Spot Program.

Further to Josh’s letter in May, a second letter was sent to the Minister on 22nd July enquiring about the Morrison government’s announcement Peri Urban Mobile Program (PUMP) designed to improve mobile phone services in bushfire prone areas on peri-urban city fringes and to enquire about eligibility for Treeby. A copy of this letter is also attached and we are waiting for a response from the Minister.


Here are the letters from MP Wilson's office for your perusal.

Sadly, this will be an ongoing issue until the cell towers are built. Currently, most of Treeby resisdents are using Wifi-Calling features (Voice over Wifi) within their home. Purchasing legal repeaters and smart antennas are an option but an expensive one if you choose to go down that path. Otherwise, we will need to continue to wait!

On Wednesday 9th June 2021, we had the privilege of having Steve from MetroNet coming to update us about the Cockburn-Thornlie link. It was an informative evening where he has shown the progress and some conceptual drawings of what the station will be like once it is completed in late 2022.

One of the main takeouts is that there will be some major disruption on the Mandurah Line from late December for up to 25 days to widen the track for the future Cockburn-Thornlie Link.

The Thornlie-Cockburn Link will be Perth’s first cross line connection, making travel around the city by train more flexible and providing a higher level of public transport service to Perth’s southern suburbs.

The 17.5-kilometre project includes new stations at Nicholson and Ranford roads, changes to Thornlie and Cockburn stations and relocating 11 kilometres of freight railway.

Prepare for major disruptions

Major disruptions will take place on the Mandurah Line from late December for up to 25 days to widen the tracks, making way for the future Thornlie-Cockburn Link.

During this disruption the Mandurah Line will:

  • Close between Aubin Grove and Elizabeth Quay stations.
  • Run a reduced schedule between Mandurah and Aubin Grove stations.

Information on the details of the disruption will be available on this page in the coming months. In the meantime, you can find out more here.

If you travel on the Mandurah Line regularly please start to prepare.

Register for project updates via METRONET, view public transport service disruptions via Transperth or subscribe to updates from Main Roads WA.

Currently, they are seeking feedback on the disruption via

Anyone who uses the Perth to Mandurah line and has any feedback or questions they need to be answered please click the link and leave your thoughts 
This feedback will directly impact the temporary bus services implemented during the 25-days shutdown from Boxing Day 2021.


Thornlie Interchange
Ranford Station

Cockburn Central Station changes

Cockburn Central’s existing island platform will be extended at the northern (Perth) end to create the terminating platform for the Thornlie-Cockburn Link.

The platform will be extended by 150 metres and will offer at least 50 per cent platform coverage with an on-platform
building to house electrical equipment and staff facilities. Associated services will include security and passenger information systems.

More information can be found via MetroNet website.


When you drove past our Calleya Oval you can see there are two major projects underway, one is for our Treeby West Primary School and the other is the Treeby Community and Sports Centre!

TCA is excited to see the construction is progressing nicely as in the future we can host many community events there and bring all the residents together.

Progress shots of the new Treeby Community and Sports Centre which will be ready in early 2022.

The new centre will have activity, function and meeting spaces, an enclosed play area, kitchen and canteen, clubrooms and change rooms.

This is the project page of the Treeby Community and Sports Centre.

Below are the concept renders based on the community feedback back in 2019.

Great news for all residents in Treeby as our local primary school is now open for enrolment for the 2022 intake.

Here is the short message from the Principal.

Treeby (Banjup West) Primary School planning name is looking forward to welcoming new students and parents. If you are currently living in Treeby, moving to the area or building your dream-home, we would welcome Applications to Enrol for your children to commence Kindy-Year 6 in 2022.

Kindergarten applications close on Friday 23 July, 2021 and are prioritised according to the Enrolment in Public Schools Policy.

Pre-Primary to Year 6 students are guaranteed a place at our school if they will be residing within our local intake area in 2022.

Application forms and further details are available from the Atwell PS website at

Please contact us with any queries at

Kind Regards
Jane Wescott

May be an image of child and text that says '2022 ENROLMENTS WELCOME GROWING PRECIOUS MINDS Treeby (Banjup .est) Primary School planning name Applications Applications tion to enrol available on the Atwell PS website Please email queries to: Treeby,'


We also have the primary school prospectus for your perusal.

For more update at Treeby (Banjup West) Primary School Facebook page or you can email your questions to